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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcription of 57 Minute Interview

We need 57 minutes of an audio file transcribed: an interview between 3 interviewers (Ben, Shannon, Claire) and 1 interviewee (Christian).

The interview contains sensitive information so confidentiality is appreciated and required! Thank you.


Transcribers needed

I am looking for one or two transcribers to join my team of transcribers to help out with the work load. I need someone who is ready to commit to the job and can produce quality transcribed documents with good proofreading. Newbies can apply as long as they have experience in transcription and are dedicated. Great understanding of English is required, both listening and writing. Ability to understand different accents is an advantage. I will be hiring soon. Please I need winners not quitters


Recording Transcription

I have 4 interview recordings in mp3 format to be transcribed. Their length is as follows: 18:50, 32:47, 17:37, 23:17.

Each interview features a single interviewer and a single respondent. Recording quality is very clear.

I am looking for a fast transcriptionist who can type these interviews and maintain confidentiality about their contents.



Simple interview transcription. I need someone who is a fast typist, with excellent listening skills. Must proofread your work too.


I Need a Writer to Transcribe Interviews

We're an entrepreneurial education company, and we have hundreds of video interviews that need text-based transcription.

We'll be eventually paying you on a per-interview-minute basis (meaning we'll pay you based on the length of each interview).

However, rather than dive right in, I'd like to try you out on a pilot project to assess your speed, quality, and ability to stay in contact during working hours.

We've got 7 audio interview questions that need to be transcribed. These are only about 3-5 minutes long each, and we'll need them done by Friday.

Please provide a quote for this pilot project and we'll get started.

Job Description:
Your responsibilities:

- Watch and/or listen to interviews and transcribe what you hear
- Cut out any unnecessary pauses, "ums" "uhhs" etc.
- Create paragraphs and punctuation where necessary
- Deliver completed transcribed content in the agreed-upon way(s).

Your qualifications:

- Fluent English including excellent writing, grammar, spelling ...


Transcriber for Weekly Podcasts

Need 1 person to help with weekly podcasts

-1-4 speakers
-Variation of American, Canadian, Australian accents
-STRICT VERBATIM will be required (no background sounds or body noise/emotions)
-Range from 4-15 audio minutes

*PC User with Dropbox downloaded on PC (REQUIRED)
*ABOVE AVERAGE understanding of American language/spelling/writing/grammar standards
*HIGH ABILITY to follow strict client instructions/formatting guidelines

Please only apply if you have minimal mid-level experience in Transcription and you are available WITH good internet connection and are experienced with STRICT VERBATIM (requires very keen attention-to-detail). Communication should be prompt and effective to avoid unnecessary delays.

Weekly Pay is $0.35 per audio minute.



I need a very detailed-oriented, accurate, fast typist to join my team of transcriptionists. Must be experienced! Please let me know what you charge per audio hour and days that you are available.


Transcription of 31 minutes of Audio

I have a 31 minute audio recording that I need transcribed.


Typist to transcribe audio talks (salt lake city)

Local psychotherapist for someone to transcribe audio talks. Piece work so faster typists would get through the work faster. Part time position, contact Chris for more info.



Audio Transcription


I need to have my audio recordings from Skype phone calls transcribed form English audio to English text please. The recordings vary from approx 15 minutes to over 30 minutes.


Transcription of podcast

Looking for a quality provider to provide transcription of a two person podcast.
The podcast is a little under 20 minutes long.
I would like to have the transcription laid out in a format that is time stamped for each speaker. Make sure you add MCG to the application so that I know that you have read the brief. If this is successful, I have 5 more podcasts to transcribe. thanks

The final document must be error free.


Typist (from audio files) (Sacramento)

Seeking typist to transcribe audio interviews into text format. This is a limited short-term project. Must work accurately and have quick turnaround -- each interview needs to be transcribed and sent back within two business days. Files will be emailed. A quick typist can easily use Google Chrome Transcribe software program (without needing formal transcription machine/software). Rate: $25 per audio hour of recorded interviews.

Please reply with your experience and note of interest.


Audio Transcription

I have several different files of audio. Each file is approximately 2 hours. The total of hours is approximately 15. I'm looking for someone with a reasonable rate and a quick turnaround time to help me finish these audio transcriptions. Please respond to this ad with your rate per audio hour.

Thank you!


Research interview transcription

I have 8 hours of interviews (6 different audio files) with 2 speakers to be transcribed in 2-3 days


Around 2h 10 minutes to be transcribed

I have around 2 hours and 10 minutes of fairly clear audio that needs to be transcribed by Wednesday morning, EST.

Please only take on this job if you can do it within the completed time frame. If work is done in exceptionally high quality, a good bonus will be added.

Individuals who include samples of previous work will be STRONGLY preferred.


Transcriptionist Wanted

Transcriptionist wanted to transcribe sensitive video interviews. Interviews may contain graphic and sensitive material. Previous experience and excellent references needed. Excellent typing skills and accuracy imperative. May be able to work remotely.


transcribe video /mp3 into text

I have approx 6 hours of a video event that I would like to be transcribed into text. It is in UK English.
I would like it in word format.


Need Transcription Of 100 Youtube Videos.

Don't write anything else except answer to these questions. I have no time to read.

1- What's the price for each video?
1- when you can finish the first set of 50 videos?

I need transcription of 100 or may be more youtube videos in a word file. These videos are of 40 to 50mins long. They are radio shows. The people are American. So you should be able to transcribe American conversations.

Please provide me a price for each video and when you can finish the first set of 50 videos. Accuracy is very important.

Thank You.


Video transcribing

I have a 4 minute video that includes audio and powerpoint slides. I need the audio transcribed and the text put into a word document. Accuracy, spelling, and punctuation are highly important, and knowledge of English language both written and spoken is required.

This project has a very quick turnaround time. The deadline is 6/22/14.


Transcriber-Familiar with Aussie accent

I need someone who has experience in transcription. I need someone who's familiar with all types of accents.Someone who's been doing this for a long time now. I pay $15 per audio hour. Please send me a sample of your transcript. Thank you.


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