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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcribe Executive Coaching Training Session with 3 people

Accurately transcribe telephone conversation in American English between master executive coach and two coaches he is training. Recorded in mp3 from a free conference calling site. Transcription will be used to create training materials.

This is one call of a series of calls. The frequency may be as much as twice per month.

The audio length will vary approximately between 1-2 hours.

Business background and/or HR background preferred.

Would prefer to negotiate a flat rate based on how many hours the freelancer estimates it will take them to do the job.


Transcribe 1 hour of good quality audio interview

Hello everyone!

I am looking for a talented transcriptionist who can start working on the project immediately. The chosen candidates will be given a 1 minute test transcription, so keep this in mind when applying. If the test is passed successfully, I will send you an hour-long audio file to transcribe. I am looking for someone who is experienced and can deliver above 95% accuracy and impeccable script in terms of grammar and spelling. Some side research may be necessary regarding names of people and places mentioned in the interview. Please, give me your best estimation for a turnaround time and a realistic bid PER AUDIO HOUR (so, in other words, how much would you do the project for). You may include samples of previous work for better chance of consideration. FInally, if I can see that we work well together, this might grow into an ongoing project.


Video Transcription

I require someone to transcribe 8 videos into text. You will need to have a good understanding of English and able to work quickly and efficiently.


Interview Transcription

Transcribing interviews between 2 people on the subject of architecture. The transcription needs to be accurate and have correct spelling and punctuation. The interviews are in English and are on average an hour long.


Transcription of interview

I have a 17 minute interview that needs to be transcribed.

English must be first language.

Max budget is $20.


Interview Transcription Wanted for Research Project

I am conducting 9-12 interview between now and August that need transcribing. They will range in length from 50-80minutes and are between two speakers - Australian and British accents.

Generally, the expected turnaround will be 10-12 days to do the transcription. In an exceptional circumstance, I might need an interview done more quickly but at least 72hrs will be given.

Experience in transcribing is necessary.



Currently seeking a worker that can transcribe audio tapes from lectures and other speeches.

Work gets paid out for hour of audio done.

Must be able to quickly turn around items.


Transcriptionists Needed - Transcriptionist - Typing - Work At Home (Pennsylvania)

Experienced Transcriptionists needed. Work at home.

We offer a wide variety of transcription and can offer you a flexible schedule to work at home.

It is your choice which job you want to accept. ATCT is growing rapidly and needs more Professionals on the team. Please call and start working today! Let's discuss in detail when you call. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Transcribing 90 mins on the topic of being systems-minded

I need the transcription of a 90 minute discussion that took place between 2 people on the topic of being systems-minded.


The two most important evaluation factors of your sample work and completed work will be:

1. Accuracy. Goes without saying.
2. Formatting. It should be visually clean and each speaker should be represented by a different colour.
3. Grammar. Just because this is a transcription, that doesn't mean you don't use full stops and paragraphs.



I require transcriptionists for general audio transcription!

I require transcriptionists with the following:-

* Can work independently and provide top-quality upload-ready transcriptions
* Fantastic English skills
* Pays attention to detail
* Fast Turnaround Times (15 hours or less per assignment with max of 1 hour audio)
* Rate is $25 per audio hour (transcription with time stamps)

We have strict deadlines which MUST be met! Most of the audio is good quality but there will be some with accented speakers, but which can definitely be done by experienced transcriptionists

The first assignment will be a paid trial of 20 minutes of audio to assess your transcription skills and expertise.


2h 20mins to be transcribed

I have around 2 hours and 20 minutes of fairly clear audio that needs to be transcribed by Friday morning, EST.

Please only take on this job if you can do it within the completed time frame. If work is done in exceptionally high quality, a good bonus will be added.

Individuals who include samples of previous work will be STRONGLY preferred.


Computer Teaching Sessions Transcription


I have IT systems teaching sessions recorded as high quality audio/video files that need to be transcribed.

I'm looking for a person who can transcribe 27 hours of clear slow speech into text.

The transcription should be word for word and each session should be labeled with the name of the audio file.

Thank you!


Produce a transcript of an interview

This is an oral history project. We have interviewed people who lived in Illinois during World War II. We're looking for people to produce an accurate transcript.

Our interviews ranged from 1 minute to 75 minutes.

This first interview is a test to see how well you can produce an accurate transcript. This interview is slightly more than one minute and should take you probably between 5-15 minutes.


Transcription of 63 minute interview

Transcription of 63 minute research interview. I'l be conducting more over the coming weeks, so if you accept there will likely be more.


Speakers labelled as Researcher and Participant

Fillers (um, uh, you know, etc) and false starts are not needed. But do include laughter and extended pauses, As [Laughter] [Pause].

unclear or inaudible dialogue listed as [inaudible] next to a time stamp.

The pricing and time-frame can be negotiated.




we are looking for a transcriber who can commit and deliver the transcript on a word document file.

if you are interested please send me a message or contact me


Transcription of a one hour interview

Hi, we require transcription of a one hour and ten minutes interview.

Its a business interview which is done in plain english.

We have more interviews to be transcribed but we want to make sure we hire the right person first.


Transcribe 4 audio recordings

Transcribe 4 English language recordings from webinars.
Each recording is 30 -45 minutes long with a single speaker,
I require the transcribed document to be in MS-Word format (pref 2010-13 versions).

The audio is high quality and well paced.


Transcriber needed for an mp3 to Word doc

I need a couple of 9-minute audio files transcribed to Word doc. Payment is $0.25/audio minute. I will ask you to transcribe a 1 minute audio file to test out accuracy. If you are chosen for the job, you can continue working on the test file. Turn around time for each 9-minute file is 1-2 hours only.


Transcriptionist-Work at home-Will call basis (anywhere)

Experienced transcriptionist needed to work at home on a will call basis to transcribe focus groups and interviews. Not steady work. Great job for a stay at home or retired person.



We are seeking the services of an experienced transcriptionist with excellent command of French. Must be a native speaker. Preferably Canadian, but if you're very experienced and familiar with Canadian French that's okay too. Please talk about your experience with transcription and the kind of volume/turnaround you can typically manage.

Definitely must be reliable and really care about producing top quality work. You must be experienced, because you have to know to produce word for word accurate transcripts every time. Accuracy is the most important thing. You must also be able to follow formatting guidelines very strictly, without getting confused. So definitely a job for an experienced and skilled French transcriptionist. This is a project for a week or two, that can keep you busy for that time. After that, if all goes well, there will be more assignments.

There will be a small transcription test to verify your skill level. Should take just about 10 minutes of your time. Commun...


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