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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.


I need someone who can transcribe podcasts with great acuracy. They range between 20-35 minutes in legth.


ACCURATE Transcriptionist Needed

I have audio that needs to be transcribed. Only serious people who are skilled need apply! This is an ongoing job and I need someone who is reliable and accurate.

$0.22/audio minute


Transcription - Interviews with artists.

I'm looking for someone to transcribe approximately 30 1 hour interviews for me. I will correct and edit the interviews, I just need the raw material turned into text. The interviews are part of my doctoral research and are comprised of conversations that I've had with prominent contemporary artists.

I'm offering $20 per 1 hour of audio material. In some cases the interviews are a little longer than an hour. In this case, I will round to the nearest quarter hour and pay accordingly.

Completion time for this task is negotiable. If the first transcription project goes well, we can discuss the possibility of your doing the rest (assuming you're interested in doing more.)

Do you think you'd be interested in doing this?

Please apply!


1hr 12 minute documentary video transcription with time code

Transcribe a documentary video interview (in English) that lasts 1 hour 12 minutes. In addition to transcribing the interview you will have to insert time code information displayed on the video every 5 minutes.

The video will be a quicktime file playable on both mac and pc with the time code burned in.



ALS Coach and Virtual Admin Specialist looking for 2-3 reliable individuals to form a Transcription Team so that I can refocus attention to my Coaching Practice.

Looking to work with individuals who take Pride in their work and seeking to build a long-term professional relationship (this means we have similar work ethics and are able to complement each other on a professional level).

Interested to know more: Please read/sign/complete the attached document if you think we would be a good fit.

Trial: $0.10 per audio minute (invoice)

2-week probation period: $0.20 per audio minute (Workview)

Official Team Member: $0.35 per audio minute (plus other benefits to include bonus pay- project dependent/increased pay- performance based/coaching/additional opportunities based on qualifications)


577 minute of Video Transcription (English Language)

We want to transcribe 577 minutes of video to text. the materials are divided into multiple videos, they are all youtube video. a google doc with all the video links are available for immediate start. submit your proposed fixed price for the whole project. when you take the job, will create a google doc, and add the title of the video there and you will write the transcription under it. and like wise for all the video.


Video Transcriptions

Transcribe a series of videos approximately 3 minutes in length each. English to English. Knowledge of stock market or day-trading is an advantage to help with understanding of terminology. This is an on-going project.



Looking for someone to transcribe words from a recording. One is 65 minutes, and one is 35 minutes.



I have a 47 minute interview recording that needs to be transcribed exactly word for word. It is a clear recording and it is just a one on one interview. I need it to be written in clear English in a Word Document and with clear formatting telling me who said what.


transcribe 1 hour 25 minutes - 3 people in an interview Australian accents

Hi, I have 1 hour and 25 minutes of audio needing transcription.
The audio is clear, and we all have Australian accents. It is a focus group for some research. I have a few more audio snippets needing transcription so if you do a good job, I would like you to do a few more for me.

I need this done ASAP so will prioritise anybody who can work on this sooner rather than later.


Audio Transcription


I have 72 mins audios need to transcribe as word doc.The audio is superb clear and American accent .deadline would be 20-22 hours.Contractor should be fast typist ,Reliable and have transcription software like express scribe or Insqcribe

please proofread your work as well



English transcription

We have jobs occasionally available for $0.40 per audio minute. A few hours are available immediately

Please only apply if you are a native speaker, have a very high English listening/writing skill, and can accept the price we offer.


Transcribers needed

I am looking for one or two transcribers to join my team of transcribers to help out with the work load. I need someone who is ready to commit to the job and can produce quality transcribed documents with good proofreading. Newbies can apply as long as they have experience in transcription and are dedicated. Great understanding of English is required, both listening and writing. Ability to understand different accents is an advantage. I will be hiring soon. Please I need winners not quitters.


Transcribe audio


I need someone to transcribe approx 1 hours worth of audio.

I would like a 24 hour turn around on this job from the date of acceptance.

Very straight forward conversational audio.

Look forward to working with you.



Transcribe audio interviews

I require a native English speaker to transcribe audio interviews with lawyers. They are each around 30 minutes in duration and all will follow a similar, if not the same, Q&A format.

I would like a price to do 3 of these, as above.

As well, in your bid I would like you to indicate a price, moving forward for recordings of 15 minutes, and 45 minutes as well.

I don't mind if you use transcription software like Dragon to do this but it MUST be proofread by a native English speaker, removing and 'ums' and 'ahs' etc and accurately interpreting meaning where there is grammatical ambiguity. US English is required. All interviewers and subjects are American.

Again, price is for 3 x 30 minute interview transcriptions.


Audio & Video Transcription

Fast typist with excellent ear to transcribe audio and videos. This person should have excellent communication skills and ability to work odd hours. The turnaround should be fast and accurate.


English audio transcription

I have an audio recording of me talking, that I want to have transcribed. I am looking for someone with above average typing skills, who can accurately and rapidly transcribe the audio. I will have ongoing tasks. This first task is to transcribe a little less than 8 minutes of audio.


Transcribe intervew about art

I have an interview I need transcribing about the work of an Australian artist.
The audio quality is excellent. Both are English speakers. The interview is 2.5 hours long. The file format is MP3.

I would like the transcripts delivered in a Word (.doc or .docx) format.

You will need excellent English. Accuracy is essential.


Transcribe 8 minutes of audio

I need someone with excellent English skills to transcribe an 8 minute audio file. There could be several more of these, if things go well.


Transcribe 2 Audio Interviews

The task is to transcribe 2 audio interviews.

You would need to provide the transcripts for both and work in google docs.

One interview is 30 minutes, the second is 1 hour.

Must speak English.


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