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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcribe 2 to 3 hours of audio recordings

I have two audio recordings from two interviews that come to 145 minutes in length, combined. I need someone to transcribe both of these audio recordings.

You don't need to transcribe the interviewer (me)
You just need to transcribe the person being interviewed.

About the recordings
Both are executives.
One executive is from the UK
One executive is American

Key skills and experience you should have
1. Transcription skills
2. Experience transcribing, writing and editing on topics ranging from to business, to management, to leadership, to soft skills and psychology.
3. Efficient and timely. You should be able to finish this job within 4 days from accepting the job and receiving the audio files from me.


Transcription of 2 Coaching sessions of about 1 hour each

There are two coaching sessions of about an hour each that need to be transcribed. One speaker is Indian and one is British..


Interview transcription

I have a two audio files (47mins and 20mins) of one to one interview which requires transcribing with verbatim deleted.
Please confirm time to process and complete this- number of hours? likely delivery date and how much?


Transcription Of Training Course Audio Files

9 files.
3 hours and 21 minutes and 22 seconds.
English speaker with a New Zealand accent.

This is a first job in a longer-term, project. I want to find someone skilled to work with on an ongoing basis.


33 minutes of transcription

transcribe 33 minutes of an interview. There are three speakers in the interview. All speak english. The recording quality is good.


Transcriptionist needed for PhD dissertation

I am a PhD student who recently performed a qualitative study in which I interviewed students and captured the interviews on a digital handheld audio recorder. I need someone who can type up the interviews in interview format. For example

Participant #1:


I interviewed 8 students, with each interview taking between 8-15 minutes.

The turnaround time is 2 days on this job.


Interview Transcription

I have 96 minutes of one on one audio interviews that needs to be transcribed in English. The subject matter is music related, but knowledge of music is not required. Audio is clear


Transcribe My Podcasts (LOTS of Work)

Greetings! I have a podcast show about relationships and I'm wanting to get the episodes transcribed. I have recorded a LOT of episodes, but I want to start by getting the first 10 shows transcribed.

About the job: I would send you the 10 podcast and would need them to be typed out. You would need to use your best judgement when editing out things like stammers or unnecessary words (um, ah, y'see, etc.). You would also need to know where to put the proper punctuations. The transcription doesn't need to be exact, but as close to the original recording as possible without losing the message.



I am writing a book and would like some assistance with a transcriber please.

I have conducted over 20 interviews with people and I would like to be able to record a number of these stories and have them transcribed for me.

The book needs to be about 40-50,000 words, so i have about 35-40 short stories that need to be transcribed.

Looking for someone who can transcribe efficiently with strong english skills and turn around times within 48 hours per recording.

This project is roughly 10 hours of audio recordings which would need to be transcribed to text I would suggest.




Hello! I have 2 MP3 audio files that need to be transcribed. The lengths of the files are 66:15 and 59:26 minutes.

Topics are Suicide Prevention and Critical thinking skills.

There will be many more of these if I can find the right person, with speedy, cost-effective, accurate results.

I need these delivered as Word documents, typed in paragraph format, no indent, with no spelling errors.

Thank you!


Medical Transcription Needed

I have approximately 9+ hours of online lectures that I need to have transcribed. Each of the 9 lectures last approximately one hour. The topics deal with a medical topic - wound management.


Need 3 Audio Files Transcribed ASAP

Need 3 Audio Files Transcribed ASAP - I need the transcription done in English, with appropriate English grammar and spelling.

1 Hour, 54 Minute Audio (1 .wav Audio File)
2 Hour, 15 Minute Audio (2 Separate.mp3 Audios)

I have been unsuccessful with other transcriptionists - they were all unable and ill-equipped to deliver the transcriptions.


Transcription English Audio Interview to English Copy

Looking for someone who can transcribe an editorial interview from audio file to written copy. Audio is in English. Audio is approximately 40 minutes in length.


Interview Transcription in English

I am looking for someone to transcribe one side of a two hour interview in English. The speaker has a New Zealand accent.

Open Attachment


Transcriber for English interviews

Looking for a fast-turn around on 4 interview transcriptions, each roughly 1-1.5 hours each. Total hours in first part of job is approximately 6 hours. Transcription to be completed by August 10th, 2014.

Additional transcription will be needed from August-December, with roughly 40 hours total. Samples of previous transcription will be requested before hiring decision.


transcribe interview session

I got some files that need to be transcribed. It's about 47 minutes. I only want the pure interview session. Freelancer hired for this job needs to sign an NDA because the file is confidential. I need this done within 24 hours of awarding the job


English transcription of audio files required

Hello! I have 2 audio files - one is less than 15 minutes, the other is just under 1.5 hours. I am looking to have these files transcribed into a single document.


Audio transcription from tutorial videos

I need to transcribe the audio from several 6-10 minute videos. The total is about 4 hours of transcriptions for this project. It is technical in nature. These videos will serve as notes to create a book so I am looking for the best you can do but understand if there are some mistakes with the terms.


53 Minute Audio Transcription

Hi there!

I am looking for the quick turn around of a 53 minute transcription of an electronic audio file.

The recording is of 2 people, male and female so easy to distinguish.

Ideally looking for a 24 hour turnaround. Also I have 10 more transcriptions coming in the next month and will be looking for further assistance on these.

I am looking to appoint in the next few hours.




Video Transcription (english)

I need 11 videos transcribed. The videos range in length from 3 minutes to just over 8 minutes. I do not need timestamps. I only need the audio converted to text.

This will be an ongoing job if results are good. I have over 60 videos in total with more being produced every week.


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