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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcribe 45 minute interview

We need a person to transcribe an interview between two people into a word document.

The interview is in English.

Deadline is 1 January 2014.


Transcription of a 1 hr meeting

I need a 1 hour meeting that was recorded to be transcribed into a word file. Transcription will be needed within 2 weeks of receiving the recording.


Audio transcriber

I'm looking for an individual who can take audio interviews on MP3 files and transcribe them in English, quickly and accurately. There will be approximately 6 - 8 hours of audio for this first project. More projects to come.


Transcribe 8:13 minutes of GoToMeeting recording


I have a recorded audio from Go-To-Meeting of 8:13 minutes I'd like transcribed into a word doc.

Optional: Edited with names of the 2 speakers. Edited for grammar correction and ready to give to my community as a report.

Thank you,



HI there,

We have three hours of video that we need transcribed. There are three key note presentations and one panel discussion with four panelists. We would like to get a clean transcription that requires very little editing so please ensure that the individual doing the job is able to read over a sentence to ensure the accuracy.

Thank you,


Telephone Interview Transcription

I have 3 1/2 hours of audio recording from a telephone interview conducted. The audio recording quality is good.

The interview is with a business coaching business, and discuss their background and the services they provide.

Wanting to have this transcribed into MS Word by December 24th.


Transcription of Audio

We have 6-7 hours of audio to be transcribed. Please let us know rate and your targeted completion date. Thanks!


On call transcriptionists

I need ready-to-read transcript that are typed into short paragraphs, about 3-4 sentences. I usually assign work with a 24 hour time frame for recordings that are not more than 1 hr.

Please include a sample of your work.



I have several one hour audio recorded interviews which need to be transcribed. I require a first language, English speaker who is experienced in transcribing to carry out this task. Evidence of experience in this task is expected from prospective applicants. The deadline for this work is end Feb 2014.


Transcribing audio broadcasts

I have a weekly radio broadcast. The show lasts an hour. I would have you transcribe the entire broadcast, except for the commercials.


1.5 hour transcription project.

I have a couple of 1.5 hour transcription projects. Need to have word, and excel preferably. Need to proofread your own work. Must be very meticulous and precise. Need to check in every 2 hours to let me know how it's going and what progress has been made.


Long Term Transcribers & Transcription Specialists Needed

We have large amount of English audio/video that needs to be transcribed each week. We're looking for English native speakers who have experience in transcribing, to do this job long term. We're hiring multiple persons for this position.

Usually an hour length of audio/video needs to be completed within 24 hrs.


Transcribe spoken Health and environmental interviews

We need one hour interviews that we recorded on hidefcorporate.com to be transcribed. All interviews are on health, nutrition and the environment and are usually about one hour. We expect to have approximately 100 interviews over the next 12 months. You must be perfect at this. You must be completely able to transcribe every word. The price listed below is for each audio hour of recorded material. You must have significant experience in doing this. You must proof read and send it back to us perfect. You need to be able to send us back 4 hours of interviews per week minimum. The content is very interesting to listen to since it is about health and the environment. You will be tested and only considered if your transcription of spoken English is perfect and you have perfect grammar. Please only apply if you have perfect english grammar and transcription skills. Again, we will send you 3-4 hours of spoken English that needs to be transcribed each week.


Transcribe two-person interviews in American accented English

Transcribe two-person interviews in American accented English.

These are in separate recordings: one is one 45 minutes, the other 20 minutes.


Transcription An Audio Interview


We are looking for a talented transcriber for a recently done interview. We are looking for excellent transcribing skills, with up to 3-4 rounds of revisions until we're fully satisfied.

The transcription we are looking for has to be precise and accurate.

We have a fast turnaround on this project and would like initial designs submitted within 24 hours of awarding the project.

Looking forward to working with you!


Transcription for audio files to MS Word

I need English language audio mp3 files transcribed into MS Word with limited formatting, i.e. text size 14 in Calibri and paragraphs for easy reading. I will do the final formatting with titles myself. All my audio files are approximately half an hour in length.The subject is massage training education in an online video training course.

You need to be fluent in English, both speaking and writing.

The English transcription has to be correct, no spelling mistakes for common words, and the punctuation needs to be correct as well. There are some anatomical terms in the audios with words which are not as commonly known. If a few of those are not 100% correct, I can live with that and correct them myself.

The project needs to be done as quickly as possible, at the very most in 48 hours but ideally in 24 hours.

I will provide download links to the audio files. I can also provide links to the video files if you prefer to see me speaking.

I will start with one 24 minute audio as a test project. In this case I will provide access to the video file since many of the anatomical terms are shown in text format in the video.  If the transcription is well done, I have many more audios that need transcription.


Transcribe Interview

Transcribe a 45-minute interview, word for word, with attention to proper spelling and grammar.
Need very quick turnaround: 1-2 days max.



Read Before Responding!

I am looking for someone who can transcribe my audio files. This will be an ongoing project for the right person meaning I will be producing a lot of audio files to transcribe.

The recording files are of one person, the length is around 1 hour of recording (average) and I can supply the files in the following formats, MP4/AAC, WAV, AIFF, by email.

I want to know the exact cost for transcribing a recording of 1 hour in length. I do not want quotes for hourly fees, per page, per word, etc.


Transcription Needed for 6-HOURS of Audio

I have a 7-CD personal growth audio system which I wish to have transcribed, for the purpose of eventually converting it into a book. It is about 6-hours of audio.


Divorce Case Video Transcription

I have a 9 hour Divorce Hearing Tape that needs to be transcribed.

If you have do the CC Captioning on the Video that would be great, along with a Written Transcription.


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