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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

8 minute video transcribed

We have about 10 minutes of audio, from an online video. We would like this transcribed into written word.

The transcription will need to be delivered in a word document.
The audio is in English and needs to be written in English.

You must be fluent in English and have excellent punctuation and grammar.
The audio is good quality.


Recorded Interview Transcription

I need a 20 minute video to be transcribed. The video is a one-on-one fitness consultation. The video is web-based so I can send the website and login information. Firefox appears to be the only web browser with which the video is compatible, so you'll have to install Firefox if you don't already have it.

Every ummm, ahhh, cough and laugh will need to be transcribed.



I need two three reliable people that can accurately transcribe a couple of files. Specify your TAT and rate per audio hour in your proposal. Will hire immediately. Thank you. need people with good feedback.


Transcription from audio recording

I am writing a book that is based on a series of interviews / presentations with one man. He has a Scottish accent and talks quite quickly (although not impenetrable! quite clear, really).

I estimate the final wordcount to be around 100,000 words based on up to ten hours of audio recording. I'll break the job up into several milestones based on each set of audio files. The initial piece of work will be offered to the successful proposal. Additional milestones will be given if I'm happy with the first piece.

I require straightforward transcription, not complex copy-editing. It's enough to get the words onto the page and remove all the usual artefacts of talking (the ums and aahs, repetition etc). Much of the content is highly technical with some jargon so I will do the initial copy edit myself based on the deliverable from this job.


Transcription - 32-minute interview (New Zealander)

Transcribe 32 minutes of an American interviewing a New Zealander in a noisy coffee shop. Topic is business-related, about executive communication skills. Recorded on iPhone Voice Memo.



I am looking for reliable transcribers who have worked with the Australian or American accent before and have transcribed it.

I am looking for you to transcribe audio files to word format for me. Typically the files will be anywhere from 10 mins up to 3 hours

There are some important conditions that you must be aware of and agree to if you are to accept this position.

The conditions for working for me are as follows:

If a file is up to one hour in length, it is important that there is a 24 hour turnaround time - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Accurate transcription. This means that you must proof read the file and have it ready for the client - this is extremely important as this service relies on high quality transcription!

You must be able to understand English Grammar ( Australian ) at a high level

All Transcription will be in English and mostly Australian accents

I can pay 25 cents per audio minute. for 1-2 speakers and 30 cents per audio minute for 3 plus speakers.

This job requires that you are available most of the week, therefore prefer people who work online and will be available throughout the day to work on files - i need dedicated people who I can rely on - there is consistent work and this is important!

Please advise when you are available during the week, day's/hours.

You need to reply within 3 hours once I send you work to say that you can or can not do the transcript, obviously depending on timezone.

Must have transcription experience.

Before I hire you, I will get you to transcribe a small 2 minute file to show case your skillset - this is to ensure that you can adequately understand and transcribe to our standard level.

Once hired, I will send you work on a part time basis. Once I am confident in your work and turnaround time, I will begin to send you a lot more work, you will be part of a growing team.

I may also like to interview you on Skype to discuss the position, so you must have a Skype ID.

Please note - Only apply if you can meet the above conditions.

Thank you


60 Minutes Interview Transcription

English & Grammar must be perfect
Accuracy is important
Insert Timestamps where inaudible
Identify Speakers as Interviewer: & Interviewee: in bold
TAT - 48 hours



We have a couple of English audio files that we need to be transcribed as soon as possible. Please apply if interested. The files (7 & 8 - English) are now available at the below url:


video interview transcription

We have a 45 minute unedited interview that we would like to have transcribed.
There's not always spoken parts throughout the 45 minute interview.


Transcription Work

Looking for several transcribers to work on a daily and ongoing basis. Rate will be $0.25 per audio minute. I am looking for individuals who are comfortable with the rate. Files are of good quality and should be simple. It would be great if your speed is 15-20 audio minutes per hour. Ability to follow formats & guidelines specific to individual client requests is required. Meeting deadlines and good communication is a must. Template and/or samples will always be supplied.

I look forward to hearing from you, and putting selected candidates through the hiring process.

Thank you!


Experienced transcriber needed for periodic overflow work. (Seattle)

Experienced transcriber needed for periodic overflow work.

The material is typically academic or corporate in nature -- focus groups, meetings, interviews, documentary footage, oral histories, dictations, etc. Typically, ums and uhs are not required, though in certain cases a completely verbatim transcript may be asked for.

File formats are MP3, WAV, WMV (video), and occasionally MOV. Experience transcribing and timecoding video is a plus, though not required.

The rate offered is a flat $51 per recorded hour transcribed, prorated to the minute. The work is very flexible, and assignments can be accepted or declined per your schedule.

Payment is made biweekly via check.

If interested, please send a resume, cover letter, and details of the software you use as relates to transcription. U.S. applicants with demonstrable transcription experience only, please.

Thank you.


Audio transcriber needed!

We are a small business training organisation, doing wonders helping small and medium businesses successfully develop and grow. We have developed 7 video products, which we need to get transcribed into Word. The subject matter is around business education and training, relating to areas such as planning, systems, sales, marketing, finance etc. Each video is around 60 minutes in length, with content spoken by an English lady.

Required skills include excellent command of written English & strong editing / transcription abilities.

Please include a resume & some examples of your recent work with your application.


00:36:28 of audio file needs to be transcribed

I have a total of 36 minutes and 28 seconds audio file that needs to be transcribed. In your proposal, please include your rate per audio hour and not the hours worked.


Podcast Audio Editing and Transcription

This job would require audio editing and transcription for a podcast. Each podcast episode will generally be 30-45 minutes, with intros and outros supplied. The transcriber must have excellent English. Ideal turn-around time is 3 days.


Transcribing audio files

I have some audio files to transcribe. Wav files. Here are the files with lengths of each one:
Feb Story Board 48:59
Feb Story Board 2 17:41
Conversations for Action 8:48
Creating Agreement 28:17
Gottman 1:12:37

So the total is a little under three hours of audio. There are some blank times in the recordings with no talking, but those are the actual total time frames for each. I will award this job within 24 hours and would like it done within five days. The files will be able to be downloaded from dropbox.





I have a 1.5 hour call that I would like transcribed. I have the audio file, will send you. Just need it to be written down in english. This is just for my personal reference so I don't have to re-listen to the whole call to review what happened. Thanks.


Transcription Needed for 2 Videos

I need two short science videos transcribed so we can create closed captioning files for them. The transcription needs to be delivered in a word doc format. The first video is 8 minutes and the second is 5 minutes 30 seconds long. I need this dones ASAP. Thank you!


Transcription Services

I have some audio that needs transcribed - would you like to do it?

I would like them put into Word Doc files for an educational course.


YouTube Transcriptions

Need accurate and complete transcriptions completed on a bunch of previously posted YouTube videos (I'll provide list), plus any new ones posted (1-2 per week).



I have a few audio files that need to be transcribed.


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