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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

closed captioning and written transcript of audio for my tv episodes

i have 70 tv episodes that are mostly between 47:30 and 52 minutes long. the episodes are edits of live sports events [mma] with up to 3 different speakers [2 commentators and one mc].

i need a written transcription of the audio as well as an 'sec' file for closed captioning.


Research Data Transcription Needed!

Transcription services needed for just under 9 hours of recorded interviews pertaining to research data. Project involves twenty individual recordings with no more than two people speaking in each recording.

Interviews are part of a research study to meet doctoral dissertation requirements. All interviews and their contents are confidential. Copies of work cannot be used as examples or templates as reference. A separate letter of reference will be provided to freelancer upon completion.



this is an audio file we need transcribed word for word into a word document or some other editable word format. Roughly 30 minutes of speech needs to be written out word for word. I'll email the attachement audio file as well.


Audio Transcription

Transcribe Yoga Teacher interviews from mp3 files to word document. Successful candidate must have excellent english skills with a good knowledge of Yoga specific terminology. Each interview will be 60-90 minutes long and must be transcribed and returned within 24 hours. Please include your rate per audio hour when applying.



4 interviews, approx one hour in length each. Good quality clear one to one audio. High accuracy required. First language must be English. Must have good transcription experience and have worked in the secretarial/office/college field in the past. Irish Accents.


Transcribe English Audio Interviews


We have some audio files in English that we need help transcribing

(A few hour interviews)



I need to have a one hour audio presentation transcribed.
100% accuracy is not essential as I will be editing but I need to have a good job done so no content is missed.
The file I will be providing is a link to a webinar.


Video Transcription - As Needed

We have consistent need for semi-regular transcribers. Your job would be to transcribe video clips that we'll post on youtube and vimeo. We have a specific way that we like transcripts to be done (see below) and accuracy counts!
To apply for this job, we are asking you to create a sample of your work. Please transcribe the first 2 minutes of the video at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2civopbNPw and email it to us.


transcribe audio/video files to a word document

I have about 8 interviews which I did over skype and recorded them on an mp4 (video/audio files)...I need it transcribed into a word documents


Transcription/Typist for Non-Profit Ministry

We are seeking to establish an ongoing relationship with an experienced transcription/typist to assist with ongoing typing projects in our non-profit organization.

Project include transcribing audio files into Microsoft Word. Must have experience in typing, editing, proofing own work and be able to hit establish deadlines for assigned projects. Experience with Chicago Manual of Style and Turabian formatting is desired.

We seek some one available to work at least 10 hours per week and turn in weekly assignments involving general documents and email correspondence.


Transcriptionist needed for Radio Program

I am looking for someone who can transcribe a radio program. It runs approx. 27 minutes. It is one person speaking and fairly simple.

There will be a total of 5 transcriptions per week sent each Monday with completion expected prior to the following Monday.

Please send bid per transcription or weekly amount with 5 per week.

Thank You


Need 1 Hour Audio Transcribed

The Audio has lessons that need to be transcribed and separated.

The audio is one hour in length, but there are breaks in between lessons; the breaks do not need to be transcribed, just the man speaking for lengths outlining different lessons.

Please separate three lessons into separate different word documents.

Correct English Grammar and Spelling is a MUST.

Please complete by Tuesday, September 3rd.


Transcribe Audio Interviews into Print Ready Documents

I have audio interviews that need to be transcribed by a native English speaker. Transcripts must be print ready and error checked.

Audios are between 45-65 minutes long.


Transcription of Interview into Word Document

I need someone to transcribe 2 interview for me into a word document. This is for research on online luxury shopping. Will need each interview to be done within 2 days.


Transcribe 1 hour long video

Hello , its simple job i need a 60 minute video transcribed

many projects like this one


Qualitative Interview Transcription

This is a transcript with 2 people speaking that is one hour and one minute in length. I am looking to pay around $20-30 for the transcription, but am willing to pay more for experience and accuracy with a quick turn around. Thank you.


Transcription needed

I need 1 1/4 hours of recordings transcribed.

The recording is of a meeting. Persons transcribing
must be proficient in English.

I need it done within 2 - 3 days.

Thank you.


Immediate transcription job

If you are NOT in the United States and do NOT have a cell phone to get texts do not apply.

We have an immediate need for transcribers. Rate is 30 cents per minute for the first 15 minutes to qualify and will then be 50 cents per minute thereafter. Project is exact verbatim, must be very accurate. Potential for long term assignment with our group.

When applying let us know how soon you can finish the initial 15 minutes and what your typical availability is (ie Mon-Fri 8-3 PST Weekends all day)


Voicemail Transcription and Data Entry

We have a total of 150 voicemails that need to be listened to, transcribed, and stored in a CRM system.

I require that you are.....
* FLUENT in English, as spoken in a VARIETY of accents.
* Have EXCELLENT spelling and grammar.
* Have well-developed search skills -- if you don't understand the full name of the business, but have a name and phone number, I expect you to use a search engine to find the name of the business.
* Have EXCELLENT data entry skills.
* You must know how to upload files
* ONCE AGAIN -- I need someone who can understand English fluently, as it is spoken in a wide variety of accents. If you have 2+ years working in a call center that handles lots of English-speaking calls, for example, you would porbably be a great candidate for work.

Project begins as soon as you are hired. Based on past projects of a similar description, this project will require 6-7 hours to complete.


Transcript in english from an interview audio file

We are a film production company seeking for someone who can write out in words the interview. The source of the interview is an audio file of approximately 40 minutes.

The language from the Audio is english and it needs to be transcript in english.

This is a simple task that needs to be accurate.

Do not hesitate to message me any questions you may have regarding this job.

Look forward to receiving your offers.


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