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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Interview Transcription

I am conducting a series of interviews with respondents around the globe.

I need these described.

The content is marketing strategy/technical marketing.

Interviews will be between 20-45 long.

English may not be the first language of respondents, and they may have regional accents.

I have attached a short sample of 2 interviews for you to get an idea of the range of accents and technical marketing content.

Please let me know how much you will charge per hour, and whether there would be a discount for multiple interviews.

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77 Minutes Audio - Interview Transcription

Hi Expert Transcriptionist :)

I have 77 minutes compilation of an interview that I would like transcribed in a word document.

If you are interested. Please reply with your skype ID.



I am looking for people to do a transcription of a law class lecture for me. The lectures are about 2 hours long each. There are 5 lectures which I would like to get transcribed for a total of 10 hours.


Long Term Transcribers & Transcription Specialists Needed

We have large amount of English audio/video that needs to be transcribed each week. We're looking for English native speaker who has experience in transcribing, to do this job long term. We're hiring multiple persons for this position.

Usually an hour length of audio/video needs to be completed within 24 hrs.



Have files which I will send on dropbox - need them back in MS word - - 4-8 hours per week. I speak slow and clearly. I am seeking less than a 24 hour turnaround in most cases. Prefer if you have Skype and you must be able to use dct audio files.


WAH transcription

I have approximately 40 audio hours of interviews of people with american and australian accents.
I need someone to transcribe the mp3 and wav formats into text (that is compatable with mac). I do not need it proofread and if there are terms that are unfamiliar, can be written phonetically and highlighted.

I have a very limited budget as it will be self published so would like either a flat fee for the 40hrs or a per audio minute cost.

I am hoping to have the first 10-15 hours transcribed by early january.

thank you.


Ongoing Transcription Support Needed

Hi There,

We are looking for extremely reliable transcriptionists who are interested to work with us on many projects on a long-term basis. Some weeks we may not have a work, some weeks we have 4-5 audio hours.

We will start one or two trial projects and if those go well, we will continue using your services.

You should have,

-Candidates must have significant experience,
-knowledge the ins and outs of creating transcripts.
-We desire to work with individuals who are highly professional and reliable.
-We don't accept delay with turnaround time. If you commit to deliver a transcript by Monday at 12 PM, it has to be delivered by Monday at 12 PM.

Kindly revert back along with your comments to the following questions:

-Your availability and capacity?
-How many audio hours per week could you be available for?
-Turn Around time for 1, 2, 3 and 5 hours long audio file

Rate Per audio hour: $20-$22


Transcription Project


The audio is to be converted into text that indicates which person said what, the same as was done in the sample provided earlier. For example:
Person 1: What to do you think would make this a better situation?
Person 2: Oh, it really depends on who it's going to be better for. Better for the economy? For the people? For me?
Person 3: Yeah, it's too broad a question. Maybe we should be asking, what system produces the least amount of waste?
The final document should not be in italics. Italics is merely for demonstration in this document.
There are 4 files in total. One file will be provided at a time. Once completed and returned, the written document will be checked to ensure that it complies with the below principles.

This process will be repeated until all four of the audio files have been completed.


Transcription of 1 hour 3 minute lecture from mp3

Please provide fixed quote for transcription of 1 hour 3 minute long lecture. Need great quality and transcription by ear, not an application that types based on sound. Prefer a provider with USA English as first language.
Turnaround time is a bit tight -- request delivery by Friday or Monday latest.
Format is Microsoft Word.


Transcribe interviews

I am interviewing a senior citizen and writing his life story. I need someone to transcribe the interviews. He speaks softly and his first language is Spanish. If you know Spanish, it would be helpful, but not necessary.


NJ State Certified Transcriber (New Jersey)

We are looking to add another transcriber to our growing business and seek a NEW JERSEY STATE CERTIFIED TRANSCRIBER OR A PERSON WILLING TO WORK TOWARD THAT END!!! Idea candidate MUST be willing to work on an as-needed basis with the knowledge the work flow will fluctuate, MUST be available during the daytime hours and be available for possible pick up/drop off of media if necessary. MUST HAVE WORKING KNOWLEDGE OF WORD PERFECT OR BE WILLING TO LEARN.


Looking for Native English US Transcribers (los angeles)

We are recruiting native English US speakers to transcribe audio content 

All work is performed from your home on an online tool.

One needs PC or Mac computer plus a good Internet connection

Flawless spelling and perfect grammar, basically writing is second nature to you

Actual work range from 5-10 seconds for each audio.They are paid 0.10c each

Beyond just transcribing the content there are specific rules and some tagging required.

After some practice, one should be able to transcribe 150-200 audios per hour for an estimate of between $15-20 an hour.

If you are interested, please send me a resume. We will send you a transcription test which will be evaluated to determine if you are the right fit for this work.


Transcribing English Youtube Videos

We have thousands of English videos on Youtube that need to be transcribed and time coded.

The pace of transcription and time coding would be about 60-120 audio minutes per week.

You should be:
- a native English speaker
- reliable and accurate

We are looking for a long-term collaboration.

The output would be in a format in excel that will be provided.

Please provide your rate in terms of $ per audio hour.


Audio Transcription

I have training audios that needs to be transcribed.

ONLY Experienced transcriptionists with EXCELLENT ear and keen attention to detail need apply
Native English speakers, with an excellent command of written and spoken English and a very good customer feedback, preferred.

You need to:
- Be Reliable and committed.
- Have a good command of English grammar and spelling.
- Be available to communicate through the duration of the project.
- Follow formatting instructions.
- Proofread your work and submit client ready files.

You need to start you application with the word 'I am reliable' so that I know you have read the entire job post.
You would need to sign an Confidentiality Agreement.
Successful completion of this project will lead to future jobs.



Transcribe 2 interviews

Marketing consultancy required stenographer to transcribe research interviews

We are seeking a stenographer/someone to transcribe interviews recorded. The interviews themselves are run on a 1-9 and 1-5 bases. Each interview will be ~90 minutes in length.
The desired output is a full accurate transcript of each interview. There are 2 interviews in total. We are looking for someone who could transcribe them. Please give us your price for transcribing one interview and a total price for all the 2 interviews. We need the transcription by next Monday.


Transcription of Audio Files

Transcribe a set of audio files that I will provide. Please have transcript in Times News Roman font 12, sectioned by topic to topic.


Transcription Needed

I have 2 hour of audio which i need to get it done quickly. Only apply if you can return a 2hr audio in 36 hrs.


French-language transcriptionist (At home.)

Are your French language skills EXCELLENT? We need French Internet captioners and transcriptionists. The work is very interesting, and you'll work over the Internet from your home. We'll send you the audio files or video files and you will caption or transcribe them. Millions of people will read your captions, so the work must be perfect. Your grammar and spelling and punctuation have to really be perfect. Transcription and captioning require very good listening skills and Internet research skills. If you haven't transcribed before, you won't succeed. You must have experience or you'll fail. Your work will be proofed at first because we promise our customers the best possible quality.

This is piecework, so you must be a fast typist, with EXPERIENCE AS A TRANSCRIPTIONIST.


Audio Transcription English 30 minutes

Audio transcription in English
Duration : 30 minutes

Native speakers only
Transcription is expected in a word file

I don't allow the use of any automatic transcription software.

Will give the details to the awarded freelancer.


Audio Transcription - Golf Podcasts

We need professional transcription of four individual podcasts featuring two speakers in conversation into a Word document format. The total running time of all four podcasts is 100 minutes.


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