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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Webinar Transcription

I need someone who can transcribe online recorded webinars that are mostly from one to one and a half hours long into Word documents with proper editing and grammar.

Initially I will do a test project of one webinar to see the quality of work. If that goes well, there are approximately 40 webinars online that need to be transcribed.


Academic Interview Transcription

85 minutes of interview needs to be transcribed for an academic research project.
Looking for inexpensive transcription.
If you do a good job, then will happily use you in future projects.


Interview transcription


I need 1 hour of transcription from audio file.

File format:
The recording is from an iPhone and plays fine in iTunes. (m4a audio file)

Audio quality seems fine so far. The interview is with an older man being asked questions about his service in World War II.

He doesn't speak especially quickly and his voice is still sharp. While this isn't the most difficult or fast talking interviewee, some understanding of history and geography might help with specific points. Excellent English skills are required.

Please quote your price for the project.



30 min Audio Transcription

I need 30 minute video transcribed.
All text should be in word format.
Candidate should posses good grammar skills.
Need this work done in a week.

Budget 25$


Standby Transcriptionist

I need to establish a reliable and accurate standby transcriptionist that will handle overflow work from time to time. Work content is mainly of English accent. Experience in other accents is a plus which I will pay more. Turnarounds are usually 24-48 hrs (if you can't handle this do not bid). US freelancers only! Starting rate $28/audio hr



Branding company looking for a transcriber to transcribe a 45 min - 1 hour meeting. Meeting will have multi-speakers, accuracy is key, turn around in a fast manner.


I need Podcasts transcribed.

I need podcast episodes transcribed once per week.

Please tell me how much you would charge for one 15 minute interview transcription.

I'll be looking for people who send me

1) The price to transcribe a 15 minute interview


Transcription of group interview

We have a few 1.5 hour interviews that we need transcribed into a Word document for delivery on Monday Jan. 27th 9AM EST.


Transcriber required

Hi everybody
I require a transcriber to transcribe English audio in MS word.
must be ready for a test proposal.

need ASAP.


Quick transcription of interviews needed

I have a number of interviews in English that are each 40-50 minutes long. These need to be transcribed so I can turn them into articles for a book.
The files are .wav and can be sent using dropbox or similar.


Need Transcription Help

I have a fairly steady stream of transcription work available. Most of it will be interviews or focus groups. Some of it needs to be done verbatim down to every little uh huh. Some of it needs to be done in intelligent verbatim meaning every word but you can leave out all those little uh huhs and ums.

US based worker only. Need you to produce at least 20 audio minutes a day. So if I send you a 60 min audio file, I should have it back from you in 3 days max.

I need 100% accuracy and adherence to the client instructions, dependability, and communication. I pay by audio minute. I'm willing to pay 0.50 per audio minute to start. Depending on quality, experience, and availability, that can go up to as much as 0.75 per audio minute after a trial period.


Work-from-home Canadian Transcriptionist (Canada-wide)

Accutran Global, a Canadian-based transcription company, requires work-from-home contractors interested in casual to part-time flexible hours to join their Canadian division.

We are looking for Canadian resident or Canadian expat transcriptionists who are in possession of the following:

- minimum typing speed of 60 wpm

- excellent grammar and punctuation skills

- high-speed Internet connection and a dependable computer

-ability to work independently and meet deadlines

In addition to the above, while not required, are definitely an asset:

- bilingual

-comfort with transcribing accented English

- familiarity with financial terminology

- understanding of the oil and gas business

All software and set-up materials will be provided online.

Pay is dependent upon transcription speed and turnaround expectations, and will vary between $10 and $13 per hour, on average.

All applicants will be required to complete a transcription test.


Transcribe Conference Recording in English


We are looking for someone to transcribe a 45 min. conference that includes audience Q & A. The recording is in English and we need someone with good English writing skills. The sound clip is in MP3 format and we would like the transcription in Microsoft Word.



Transcription for thesis interviews

Hi there,
I am conducting 3-4 interviews (duration 30-60min) for my master thesis and need a professional transcription of them. Language is English.



Experienced transcriptionist needed for Cleveland-area market research firm. The position will be part-time with variable workflow as our work is project-based and some projects will not require transcription services.

Work would likely be completed from home with audio files being downloaded via an online file sharing client. Completed transcriptions would be emailed to a designated recipient at our firm.

Deadlines for completion will be provided and must be met without exception. However, the nature of our work does allow transcribers to work during whichever hours suit them, assuming they meet their deadline (i.e., you can complete you work outside of normal business hours). Obviously, the earlier you complete a transcription, the more work we can offer you.

Responsibilities would include:

- Transcribing 15 min -- 2 hr audio files with a roughly 1:3-4 turnaround ratio (duration of file:time it takes to complete transcription). Audio files will customarily be recordings of one-on-one interviews (i.e., two speakers).

- (Possibly) Entering transcribed notes into a Microsoft Excel outline by matching the responses you have transcribed into corresponding question sections.

Applicants must:

- Have previous transcription experience.

- Be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

- Have strong knowledge of English grammar and syntax.

- Be a diligent and responsive communicator.

- Have the ability to process directions quickly and to execute those directions.

- Be comfortable transcribing under deadline pressure.

- Be efficient, timely, dedicated, courteous, and professional.

- Be available for a 4 hour training session at our offices in Mayfield Heights, OH.

Compensation will vary based on productivity level. For a proficient transcriptionist, we expect compensation will be equivalent to a $12/hr pay rate.

If selected candidates demonstrate proficiency in their work, a few higher level tasks may be assigned.


Audio transcriptions

We have 10 hours of English medical interviews that we need transcribed. Please include your rate per audio hour and QA process. Thanks!


High Quality Audio File Transcription

Small but very busy video production company seeks an economical transcription solution. Our last service stopped offering transcription services at the beginning of the year and we are looking for a person or company to match their service and quality.

Would like someone we can send everything to. If you earn our business, we are extremely loyal and will go to you for all our transcription needs.

These are the prices we need matched.
$.70 per minute for 72 hour turnaround (normal turnaround)
$1.20 per minute for 48 hour turnaround (when requested)
$1.70 per minute for 24 hour turnaround (when requested)



I have a number of audio and video files which I need transcribed and given to me as Word documents.

Once I receive the transcription and make some edits, I need the audio/video file edited to reflect my edits of the Word document and then sent back to me.

I need to find someone who can do this time and cost efficiently. I will have many such jobs over the next year with someone whom I can work well with.


Transcript Video File

I have a video File (Powerpoint with Audio playing in the background) that comprises 3 hours to 31/2 hours needed to be transcript.

Please message me the one time fee you are charging & How long it takes for you to complete the Job ?


Transcribe and write overview

I need help transcribing interviews (in audio file) into word format.

I also need help organzing data from interviews into specific categories.


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