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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Transcription of Audios

I am looking for someone to transcribe the content of four audio interviews to be put into a word doc and formatted.

These should be in a natural-sounding conversational style (e.g. 'um's, pauses, and false starts removed).

The source audio files are in MP3 format (dropbox); the transcription output should be simple, unstyled HTML that could be integrated easily into a WordPress website.

And a word doc to be used for 1) Files in a membership site 2) Some for social media like twitter and Facebook posts. (key statements to be highlighted on separate doc)

This could expand to include ongoing weekly work and episodes, as well as transcription of the library of previous works.

If our working relationship is great and continues to grow, this could easily develop into other types of administrative support.


Focus Group Transcription

Need audio file (approx. 45 mins.) transcribed to word file. Would like it in 2 days - 3 tops. Preference to experienced transcriber.


Transcribe Video Tutorials Into Written Content

Hello ,

This job is a long term work . I am building a video Tutorial Online Blog :

The video's will be based on various subjects inside of the "Start Up Business model" .

From the short videos I will need someone to TRANSCRIBE the words into written content for our online blog

Simple as that . This is on going work .

Person must have well spoke ENGLISH and good organization and communication skills.

Please write " TRANSCRIBE" in your title back to me so I know you read the job and are not just mass applying to anything you see .

Wonderful - Thank You


Transcribing (vancouver)

I am a graduate student looking for a person with at least 10 years of experience in transcribing (one on one) audio recorded interviews conducted in the English language with accuracy and integrity. It is a project with about 16 hrs hours of audio interviews. I need verbatim output to be in MS Word 2007 format complete with timestamps every minute. I need you to send a sample transcription (audio and writing sample). I also need to know your fee for transcription and your schedule to complete these interviews. Thank-you.


Attention all transcribers

I am looking for reliable transcribers who have worked with the Australian or American accent before and have transcribed it.

I am looking for you to transcribe audio files to word format for me. Typically the files will be anywhere from 10 mins up to 3 hours

There are some important conditions that you must be aware of and agree to if you are to accept this position.

The conditions for working for me are as follows:

If a file is up to one hour in length, it is important that there is a 24 hour turnaround time - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Accurate transcription. This means that you must proof read the file and have it ready for the client - this is extremely important as this service relies on high quality transcription!

You must be able to understand English Grammar ( Australian ) at a high level

All Transcription will be in English and mostly Australian accents


Videos Transcription


1.Great english writing and listening skills
2. Be able to deliver tasks on time
3. Attention to detail
4. It will be a plus, you have past experience of video transcription.

Project description:

We have around 40 English videos related to muscle building topic ( 3 minutes on average).
What you need to do is: Watch all the videos and transcript all the video content word by word.



"Hi, I have a 15-20 min audio that I need to get transcribed. It's a basic English speaking interview between 2 people. The audio will be ready to be sent to you on Tuesday March 18 at 4pm and will need to be transcribed within 1 hour. "


audio transcription

Transcribe 56 minute interview


Transcribe needed for Video Transcription

I have 700 minutes of video tapes that need to be transcribed into readable, organized format. It is fairly simple spoken pace and words, and there is corresponding PowerPoint slides with some of the information written on it so you won't have to keep re-listening to the tape. Please let me know, if this works good I will have larger project at higher rate. Thanks.


Video Transcriptionist

We will have one 13-15 minute video per week that we will need transcribed. We'll need that transcription turned into a PDF and uploaded to SlideShare.


Transcribe Webinar

I would like a recorded 45 minute business focused webinar (in English) transcribed into an MS Word document (in English).



I have a 50 minute audio - multiple speakers.
Need to have Transcribed.

Want to keep it simple, not a lot of editing - this will be for internal use only.


Transcribe 30-Minute Video and 45-Minute Audio

I need a competent transcriber to convert a 30-Minute Video and 45 Minute Audio.

The 30-minute video can be seen here...  http://insurancesalesmastery.com/program/the-questionnaire/

The 45-minute audio consists of 15 chapters, about 3 minutes each.

I would like both works to be transcribed into Microsoft Word.

Accuracy is critical.


Transcription of Youtube Presentation

We have a 1 hour video at


We want it professionally transcribed and formatted so that it can be used as a blog post.

Please respond with lead time and an example of your transcription services. I will be reviewing your samples, links and resume.



I have around 65 mins interview.It's British accent and 1 speaker

Let me know when you submit it.I'll send you sample template



Transcribe audio of English-speaking engineers inspecting buildings. Quick turnaround required. Knowledge of construction a plus.


audio file to be transcribed to Word document


I have a youtube video that I need transcribed into a word document. It is 1 hr 19mins long.

Please send me your quotes for this project.

Thank you!


Transcription of 14minutes interview in English

this work involves writing down a 14minutes interview in English language


Audio Transcription Needed

I have 5 audio files that need to be transcribed. They are about an hour long each. They need to be perfect and exactly word for word. Please give your expected turnaround time and best rate in your proposal.


Transcribe my voicemail and write a hand written note

Only people with U.S. Mailing addresses should apply due to mailing expenses. Thanks!

Looking for someone quick and articulate to write 10-60 notecards a week for me. I will provide the stationary and stamps. You write, address and mail for me.

I want to leave you a summary of the message that I have in mind and the person. Most cases you will be able to easily find their address on Google or I will provide it you. Again I need someone who can think on their feet and be trusted to represent me well.

Example: Hello, I just spoke to Todd Jones from Mercedes San Francisco and we had a nice meeting. Please thank him for his time and tell him that I hope that his daughter Jaime does well in her softball game. Also that I hope to work with him in building our client list together because we have the same clients.

Please provide me a writing sample showing what you would say to him.


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