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general transcription These type of jobs can vary greatly and don't fit into one category, they can be anything from transcribing an interview to transcribing a youtube video. The great thing about general transcription jobs is that you don't need any medical or legal terminology training or background. The jobs tend to be short contract work for the most part and typically require less training and experience, so start applying today.

Podcast Transcription

I have five episodes of my podcast that I need transcribed. Each episode has approximately 25 minutes of interview time, and I need only the interview portion transcribed. I would need ums and ahs removed, and false starts to sentences ignored. I need them by Wednesday, April 9, at the absolute latest.



Transcribing interviews, 5-10 interviews approximately 45 min to 1 hour each. Interviews will be sent in mp3 format via email.


Conference and Interview Transcription

I have several recorded interviews to be transcribed in a desired format. I am looking for dedicated and experienced freelancers who could join my team and support my daily workflow.


Work from home Transcription (Cambridge)

Our client has an immediate opening for Work From Home Transcription. Candidates will be required to work at least 20 hours a week.

Candidates will be responsible for listening to short audio clips and transcribing the information into the internal database.

Candidates should live with in the metro Boston area and have at least 1 year of Transcription experience.

If you are qualified and interested to learn more please apply.


Transcribe Audio Interviews

Need someone to transcribe two separate 45 minute audio interviews. Each interview is between two people - reporter and subject. Travel themed interviews (if that matters), one has some background noise but should be discernible as are the interviewer and interviewee voices - will be easily recognizable throughout.

I will give you the audio files (done on iPhone)
I need these back in a Word Document
Accuracy is key


Transcribe interviews

Hi there,

I'm a journalist who does a lot of interviews that I need transcribed on a regular basis. They are all in English and I appreciate fast work delivered accurately.

Please give me a reasonable offer with an indication o how long it will take you to transcribe 30 minutes of audio.

Looking forward to reading your offers


Transcription Service

I need someone to transcribe a 60 minute interview between two individuals. Both speakers on the interview are English (American) speakers. I need a quick turn around of the transcription. I need page numbers and a periodic time stamps in the transcription.


video transcription

Hi guys!

I have 4 videos and I need somebody to transcript them for me! the videos have more or less 40 min each one and they are about poker.

Elton Rezende


Transcriber required for long term

I am looking for experienced transcriber who can start work immediately and can communicate easily, no wait or long TAT, we have plenty of work coming around so apply only if you are available to work. Thankyou


Transcribing video interview recordings total 20 minutes


I have a transcription interview project . I am able to send you the files via a link to download and will pay upon completion of the project if you're available and we agree on a price?

The project is to transcribe 20 minutes audio interview. Send to me via email in Microsoft Word files. I am using the transcribed interviews for a research project.

I will send you a link to download the video files via mediamill as soon as we agree to a price, timeline, and adherence to confidentiality and sensitivity of the data.

The completed transcriptions must be submitted to me in Microsoft Word format via email to an address nominated by me
Job Description:
Your responsibilities:

- Use word processing software to effectively transcribe a total of 338 minutes of video interviews.
- Transcribe word for word.
- Subject to your agreement by accepting this offer, but open to negotiation before you accept it, I would need the job completed and submitted back t...


Transcription of Interview

Seeking exact transcription of audio interview between an interviewer and subject.

Questions should be written in CAPS. Answers in Sentence Case.

Interview is 61 minutes.

Time should be notated in the transcription approximately every minute. For example, at eleven minutes, the transcriber would create a page break and note 11:00.

The audio file is attached. A sample transcript will be provided for guidance on formatting.


Transcribe 2 hour meeting

I need a school meeting that was held with 6 or 7 people, for approx 2 hours transcribed. it was taped using iPhone audio.
need it transcribed from iphone audio


Transcribing videos ongoing

We produce one to two minute videos. I need a rate for ongoing work transcribing our videos for captioning on You Tube. Per minute is the best way to quote.



I have two audio files that need transcribing. One is 10.44 in length and the other is 24.38 in length. can you give me a quote for how long this will take?


Audio Transcription

I require the services of a fluent english writing person to transcribe approximately 35 audio files to word in English. The majority of them are 30 minutes in duration some 1 hour. I am looking at having 5-10 transcription completed each week until this project is finalised.


Video Transcription

This should be simple.

I need someone to transcribe 4 videos for us. The total time is around 1hr 15 minutes. We have ongoing work as well and this will be a starter project.


Transcribr 40 Interviews

I am looking for detail-oriented and precise people who will help me with transcribing audio to text. We have 40 interview audios that have a total length of about 42 - 50 minutes each. I expect a quick turn-around and high quality work.

A confidentiality agreement will be required


Transcription service

I have some audio files that I need to have transcribed in Word format. The audio files are between 30 and 40 minutes long. They are mostly interview format.


14-minute audio transcription

I have never used this service before and am interested in how it works. I will need transcription services for at least 20 hours as I'm working my way through dissertation interviews. What I have here is a 14-minute audio file for transcription to test this service. I look forward to working with you.




Transcribe 45min Audio into text

Just completed a ~45 minute Audio which needs to be transcribed.
Sound quality is very good.
It is me interviewing a champion mountain bike racer.
Language: english
File will be shared via dropbox.
thank you


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