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medical transcriptionOur current jobs are listed below. Keep in mind most of our job postings do fill up quickly, so it is best to apply to the posted jobs as soon as you can.

Out of all the types of transcription, medical transcription jobs are in the highest demand and typically requires the most experience and training. If you are lacking experience or training, it might be time to think about going through a training program. For others with little to no experience, you might want to look at our general transcription jobs to gain some experience and to help fill up your resume.

Take time when applying to the jobs you are interested in. That job may lead into a great relationship with the employer and more importantly a long term job. Good Luck and thank you for helping fill our job openings.

Michigan - Transcriptionist

A wonderful opportunity for US medical transcribers to work from home on DocQScribe platform. This is a Tuesday-Saturday schedule or a combination of these days. We will pay 10cents per 65cpl including spaces. Please apply if you have prior experience.


16+ Hours Audio Transcription to Word Document

We are in need of verbatim transcript of 4 days of meetings with 9 speakers. They are 8hrs per day of audio files that must be transcribed and formatted for easy reading based on samples provided.


Freelance transcription - Remote Job - Work From Home

Seeking an intelligent, detail and accuracy oriented freelance transcriber residing around Woods Hole/Teaticket to pick up discs or media. You can work from home an follow a format that I will give to give a verbatim transcript that is error free. The files are in either digital, DVD or CD format. I will pay at a rate of $10 per hour (approx $40-60 per hour of material) payable via check or PayPal, or in person on Cape Cod.


Medical Transcriptionist - On-site/Remote - Jacksonville, FL

Medical Transcriptionist.  On-site and remote.


Medical Transcriptionist/Editor - Work from home - Houston, TX

In need of part time transcribers in acute care and radiology/pathology to work from home.


Maine - Transcriptionist

Accepting applications from US based independent contractors. You line rate will be based on experience and you must have at least 3yrs in Gastroenterology. Phone calls will not be accepted and you will not be required to work on holidays or weekends.


Radiology Transcription - Work at Home

We are looking to hire a medical transcriber to work in-house or from home. The ideal candidate must have a minimum of three years current medical and Radiology Transcription experience. Experience with Meditech, Lanier dictation systems and MS Word a plus. You will be required to train at SOCH before working remotely. The candidate must be able to work independently and transcribe 156 lines per hour or 1250 lines per day. We offer an hourly rate including incentives.


Experienced Medical Transcriptionist needed - Part-time- (Denver area)

An open position as part time medical transcriber with a minimum 2 years experience to work as a subcontractor.


Transcriptionist - Newark, DE

A firm is recruiting qualified CMTs to work remotely from home to transcribe reports to be used to complete chart records. The ideal candidate must be a high school graduate or equivalent and have a minimum of 3 years transcription experience.


Transcription work - 25 to 100 audio hrs weekly.

Seeking a highly reliable and accurate transcriptionists for ongoing projects. Your work must be 99% accurate or higher.


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