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medical transcriptionOur current jobs are listed below. Keep in mind most of our job postings do fill up quickly, so it is best to apply to the posted jobs as soon as you can.

Out of all the types of transcription, medical transcription jobs are in the highest demand and typically requires the most experience and training. If you are lacking experience or training, it might be time to think about going through a training program. For others with little to no experience, you might want to look at our general transcription jobs to gain some experience and to help fill up your resume.

Take time when applying to the jobs you are interested in. That job may lead into a great relationship with the employer and more importantly a long term job. Good Luck and thank you for helping fill our job openings.

Transcriptionist - Home-based/Varied Days - Pompano Beach, FL

Work-from-home transcription wok available. We prefer a Certified Medical Transcriptionist with at least 3 years experience.


Transcriptionist - Work from home/nationwide - Santa Monica, CA

Editors and transcriptionists positions available now. All editors must have at least 5 years experience. Preference will be given to CMT but it is not a must.


Transcriptionist (Louisville, KY)

In need of a medical transcriber who has good knowledge on medical terminology. Preference will be given to individuals with courses in medical terminology, anatomy, physiology and microbiology.


MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION : experienced transcr - Hornell, NY

Seeking to hire a home-based transcriptionist. You must own a computer and have cable or DSL connection. Dictaphone and editing experience is a plus.


Medical Transcriptionist with Editscript Experience (Theodore, AL)

We are hiring qualified MTs and QA editors to work as independent contractors for 2 new acute care accounts which are rapidly expanding. You must have previous experience in hospital and clinic transcription and EditScript platform. The work is for both full time and part time MTs.


MTs in Internal Medicine and Oncology

Currently recruiting professional medical transcriptionists who are highly motivated an experienced in their fields. This is a full time position in internal medicine and oncology from Monday to Friday, 100 lines a day. We offer great benefits including a paid vacation after one year and the option to make your own hours after three months.


Transcription of Training Audio

Recorded phone conversations for chiropractic training are on 5 CDs each being approximately 35min long. I need this transcribed in Word format.


Medical Transcription - London, OH

A position as a medical transcriber has opened up in London,OH. Your duties will also include basic reception duties. We offer excellent pay package and working environment. Fax your resume.


Transcription of interviews for book

There are two 2-hour interviews that I need transcribed. These involve me and another interviewee of very clear quality. I need a verbatim transcript of these minus the “ahs” and “uhms”. (exact wording not essential)


Transcription/Start Stop - Work From Your Location

Seeking to hire transcriber who owns or has prior experience with Start Stop to work from home or on site. Send in your resume and experience details to be considered.


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