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medical transcriptionOur current jobs are listed below. Keep in mind most of our job postings do fill up quickly, so it is best to apply to the posted jobs as soon as you can.

Out of all the types of transcription, medical transcription jobs are in the highest demand and typically requires the most experience and training. If you are lacking experience or training, it might be time to think about going through a training program. For others with little to no experience, you might want to look at our general transcription jobs to gain some experience and to help fill up your resume.

Take time when applying to the jobs you are interested in. That job may lead into a great relationship with the employer and more importantly a long term job. Good Luck and thank you for helping fill our job openings.

Transcription (Specialty) Job - Mankato, MN

The HR department is accepting applications for an on-site position as a medical transcriber. The ideal candidate will be transcribing specialty clinic and hospital inpatient/outpatient medical dictation according to priority to provide accurate reporting and efficient patient care. He/she will also help with support functions to ensure optimal efficiency within the department. The ideal candidate must fulfill the following criteria: Have at least six months experience utilizing a word processing system. –Have a degree in Medical Secretary, Medical Office Specialist, etc., or completion of an approved, comparable medical transcription course. –Have a minimum of one-year work experience in medical record transcription in lieu of education considered. –Have a typing speed of 60-65 w.p.m. with 10 or less errors/10 minute timed test.


Transcriptionist - Clinic/Radiology

RADIOLOGY: We are seeking 3 full-time radiology transcriptionists with at least 7 years experience for first shift (9-5pm ET) who can produce a minimum of 1,200 lines per day minimum.


Transcriptionist - High Point, NC - Rehabilitation Services

Transcriptionists type in Microsoft... which allows the transcriptionist to send...


Transcriptionist - Multispecialty

There are full time and part time employee status positions available. You are guaranteed to be given 2 stable accounts for your work.


Nevada - Transcriptionist

We are seeking US based work-from-home transcriptionists including the inexperienced ones.


Transcriptionist Needed for Project Immediately - Work Online

Looking to hire an experienced transcriptionist to transcribe a webinar online from home. We are presenting a 2 day video webinar to 150 people over. The Webinars run from 11am to 7pm Eastern with 15 minute breaks at the end of each hour and a 1.5 hour lunch break at 2pm. Please email your resume and cover letter indicating your previous experience.


Transcriptionist -  Multispecialty

Acute care


Transcriptionist - Acut Care Transcription

Many types of transcription and ESL files as well.


Transcriptionist - Clinical/Hematology/Oncology

Hematology and Oncology Needed.  Work from Home.


Transcriptionist - Hospital Transcription

Hospital Transcription


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