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medical transcriptionOur current jobs are listed below. Keep in mind most of our job postings do fill up quickly, so it is best to apply to the posted jobs as soon as you can.

Out of all the types of transcription, medical transcription jobs are in the highest demand and typically requires the most experience and training. If you are lacking experience or training, it might be time to think about going through a training program. For others with little to no experience, you might want to look at our general transcription jobs to gain some experience and to help fill up your resume.

Take time when applying to the jobs you are interested in. That job may lead into a great relationship with the employer and more importantly a long term job. Good Luck and thank you for helping fill our job openings.

Pathology Transcriptionsist - Florida

I am looking to hire a pathology transcriptionist who has a good background of medical terms used in pathology. The ideal candidate must have good organizational skills, phone etiquette and have a minimum of 2yrs hospital experience.Preference will be given to those with knowledge of Wind Surge computer system.


Transcriptionist - Radiology - Poughkeepsie, NY

In need of a medical transcriber to transcribe dictated reports for all imaging modalities in the Radiology Department. Your primary duties will be: -Transcribe accurately and promptly dictated reports for all imaging modalities. -Ensure proper identification of patient and exam and that patient's are billed properly and Radiology system is correct. -Maintain proper levels of supply inventories in order to complete assigned responsibilities. You will be required to do other duties as requested by Supervisor or Radiologist to ensure the timely delivery of diagnostic results to our patient and physician community.


Medical Transcriptionist - Salisbury, MD

In need of a medical transcriber to work full time 80hr shift from Monday to Friday with occasional weekend and night hours. The ideal candidate should have a transcription experience, at least 1 year experience in computer entry and knowledge of Windows, computer experience and high speed internet connectivity. You will be responsible for the following: -transcribing all hospital report types dictated by the hospital medical staff. -utilizing hospital systems in order to place the transcribed report into the appropriate patient account. -must possess a good sense of report and patient types and be able to make correct choices of report format and print destinations. This candidate must be able to complete the required number of minutes within a shift as set in the hospital production guidelines and work under minimum supervision. The candidate must have a minimum High school diploma or equivalent.



Looking for the perfect individual to fill a position in hospital transcription. The candidate must be a US resident with a minimum 3 years experience in acute care (basic4).



Currently hiring a medical transcriptionist to work from home. The job entails typing hospital reports including progress notes, history and physicals, consults, operative reports, discharge summaries, emergency reports as well has rehab.


Medical Transcriptionist - Baton Rouge, LA

Looking for a home-based medical transcriptionist in Health Information Management full time.


Audio Workshop Transcribed

I am seeking to hire a transcriptionist to handle overflow work with prospects of more steady work in the future. All work will be academic, general or legal in nature. The ideal candidate must have the following: -A high-speed Internet connection, - Microsoft Word -foot pedals -High quality noise-canceling headphones are a huge benefit. All applicants are required to pass a six-minute test of skills. Please quote your highest and lowest per audio minute rate when applying in terms of the difficulty. You must be able to follow instructions, have an ear and eye to detail and be proficient in English skills.


Medical Transcriptionist - Fargo, ND

Currently seeking to hire full time medical transcribers to work day hours on site. You will be responsible for transcribing dictation and correspondence from physicians and healthcare professionals. You will be required to have prior knowledge and experience in medical terminology, transcription guidelines and practices. We require an individual with impeccable English skills. The ideal candidate must have a 2 year associate/diploma program and 6 months experience in a hospital or physician practice or an equivalent combination of education and experience. He/she must be deadline oriented to produce high quality work with respect to established productivity standards. This position is scheduled to work 24 hours per week with flexible hours and days.


Medical Transcriptionists - Macomb, MI

 Medical Transcriptionists, Experienced ONLY. Independent. Immediate openings. 586-412-8687.


Off-Site Transcriptionist - Saugus

We are looking for transcribers whose hours are flexible and meet the following criteria: -possess excellent communication skills, perfect spelling, vocabulary and grammar skills, can type 70wpm or more and is committed to deadlines.


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